Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Books of 2008

Hey! For the past few years, I have kept track of the books that I read throughout the year. It is fun to look over the lists and see if and how my tastes have changed. Near the end of the year (2008) we had some serious problems with our computer that I had my list saved on. This meant that I couldn't retrieve my list. Since then, I tried to remember all of the titles that I still had to add to the list. I am pretty sure that I missed a few of them. When I finally got the file open again, I almost jumped up and down! Really, I was that excited. Without further adieu here is the mostly complete list of books from 2008:

1.War Slut by Carlton Mellick III
2.Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati
3.Dawn on a Distant Shore by Sara Donati
4.Teeth and Tongue Landscape by Carloton Mellick III
5.Lake in the Clouds by Sara Donati
6.Fire Along the Skyby Sara Donati
7.Queen of Swords by Sara Donati
8.Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow
9.What is the What by Dave Eggers
10.Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne
11.Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
12.Monster Island by David Wellington
13.Adolf in Wonderland by Carlton Mellick III
14.Antarktos Rising by Jeremy Robinson
15.Monster Nation by David Wellington
16.Plague of the Dead by ZA Recht
17.Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
18.New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
19.Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
20.Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
21.The Dead Girls Dance by Rachel Caine
22.Thunder and Ashes by Z.A. Recht
23.Glass Houses by Rachel Caine
24.Jinx by Meg Cabot
25.The Touch of Twilight by Vicki Pettersson
26.Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall
27.World War Z by Max Brooks
28.Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk
29.Anahita's Woven Riddle by Meghan Nuttall Sayers
30.Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
31.Cybernetrix by Carlton Mellick III
32.Sausagey Santa by Carlton Mellick III
33.Down the Road: A Zombie Horror Story by Bowie Ibarra and Travis Adkins
34.Down the Road: On the Last Day by Bowie Ibarra and Travis Adkins
35.Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
36.As the World Dies: The First Days by Rhiannon Frater
37.Apeshit by Carlton Mellick III
38.Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy
39.The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore

Some of the best books of the year for me included the Wilderness series by Sara Donati. I have since recommended it to my mother, my neighbor, and my friend Leslie. After sending my mother the first book in the series, she demanded that I send the rest of the books to her. (And she didn't even make me homemade donuts when she was here, sheesh.)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like zombies. I think my obsession has gotten worse. I search for new books to read on them. I recently found a website devoted to all things undead. I like to be scared and zombies scare me. Sometimes so much so that I fall asleep with the light on. I read so many zombie books last year. The best was the first that I read of the year, Day by Day Armageddon. Very good stuff. If you pick up any zombie book, let it be this one. Edge of your seat kind of terror. I even had an unexpected zombie siting in The Stupidest Angel. Everyone wants in on some zombie action.

I also really enjoyed What is the What. If you have ever read anything by Eggers, you know how it can be. The guy really likes to hear himself talk. I say that and I still love his stuff. This was very different from A Heartbreaking Work. It is still his style of writing, just more raw, more real. It is about the Lost Boys of Sudan, one in particular Valentino Achak Deng. I laughed, I cried, and I was embarrassed that I hadn't known more about this before reading it. Don't get me wrong, it is a fictionalized biography. I hope that the worst of the story was the made up stuff. It defiantly gave me some perspective on my own life.

There are a lot of young adult books on my list. I like to send my sister and my neice books that I think they will like. I don't read them all, but I read a lot of them. I like to make sure that they are something I think is appropriate for them. Most I send on to them, but some I don't.

And now I get to start a new list. I have already ready 4 books this year. Almost done with the 5th. Currently I am reading Autumn by David Moody, it is a zombie book. It is being made into a movie, I think to come out late this year. Anyways, I had to read it before seeing the movie. I also hear that Tegan and Sara are having a series of book written about them. I am very excited to read those. They are some very talented women, so they should be good.

That is all I have for now. If you have any book recommendations, feel free to send them on to me. I am always looking for a good book.

Thanks for reading.
April :)

PS: As previously stated, I am not a very good blogger. I cannot apologise every time I update this blog, so just know that I have been hanging my head in shame knowing that I desperatly needed to update it. Hopefully it was worth the wait. I do love to talk about books, so this blog has been in the works in my head, now finally down on vitual paper.